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Listing The Business At The Nearest Most Searched City

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Over the past few days I have been looking if there were any good schools of sorts to learn certain subjects where for the most part there didn’t seem to be any places around my local area. The annoying thing was that a ton of business would mark on its site descriptions and literature that they were located in Vancouver. However, the business is like a good 40 minute drive away which means they are nowhere near the area.

I have noticed that a ton of business do this nowadays where the reason is pretty obvious. it is highly unlikely that people will search for a business outside of the more populated areas. That is why too many people use thing such as virtual offices or mailbox rentals in big cities for an address as it gives them the leverage to capitalize on the bigger city names.

But it’s kind of surprising when people just mislead about it initially to get people to see them in hopes that they will be considered anyways. Does it matter to you though as the perspective client of sorts? If no then in many ways I guess from the business perspective why not I suppose as it’s a chance.

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