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Lining Up For People As A Business

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This sounds kind of absurd huh? Essentially, many times when hot items come out you can usually bet there will be a massive amount of people lining up at stores during the release dates. Most people don’t want to stand at the line up for hours and so their idea is to pa someone to lineup for them. It seems this is more common now too as for many people this is like a business opportunity and so they go all out in advertising their services to do this.

While this may not be the best return on investment compared to the other things you can do to make money, for many this seems like an entry level way to test out their entrepreneurial ability to see if they can get people to pay for their services. I would be inclined in this case where instead of being the person that lines up I would have rather pre-ordered the item and then just resell it to how much you would have made as if you were lining up for it. Granted while some things stores can’t reserve for you, I think in most cases nowadays you usually can for big items at various retailers.

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