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Life Without Your One Phone Service

Apparently there was a large outage today for people who are on the Roger’s network as thousands of people were left without cell phone services here. What was interesting to me was a topic on how for many people this is their only phone-line even for the home as they have ditched the traditional phone service for cost reasons. Kind of makes sense in many ways as why would you pay for two services when you can get it in one right?

I was thinking too, while in some ways I would consider myself in a similar situation it made me wonder why so many people were freaking out as even with smart-phones you could still use things such as the wi-fi features to make VOIP calls as an example. The odds that you can’t find any service with all these options are less likely and for the sake of savings you wouldn’t need to immediately spend more simply for a backup.

At the same time, I suppose it’s examples like these where at times you need to learn how to live without the conveniences of all the techs and gizmos.

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