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Life Without Traditional Mailing Services

There was a piece of news going around today on how there are currently plans to phase out traditional door to door mail services due to people opting to use digital platforms more. From what I read, everyone would have community mailboxes of sort where people within a community would have to go to this location to get their mail.

Most of the debate seemed to be revolved around how this will result in thousands of lost jobs. Speaking for myself, I barely use regular snail-mail anymore expect in cases where you are forced to such as having to mail in paper work to get rebates. For jobs too, I would imagine there would be different positions as well. I suppose it’s just a matter of whether or not it requires someone to say go through two years worth of school to adapt to the changes.

I can see parcel services still being in high demand for example if more people opt to go digital which again means different positions created elsewhere. It’s something that is bound to happen sooner or later and I guess that means time to start preparing now.

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