Letting Things Slide Due To Unique Situations

Letting Things Slide Due To Unique Situations

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Today was that Mayweather VS Mcgregor fight and decided to go to a Casino to watch it as I heard it was free as long as you were willing to stand up since all the seats in the venues and restaurants were reserved. To my surprise though there was a seat when I arrived and it happened to be at a bar. They actually wanted people to pay about $20 worth of items to sit down but for myself I actually don’t drink alcohol which would make it a little odd.

The guy next to me was then joking how his buddy and himself were going to drink more just so that they will cover my cost. I did order a dish to eat but it wasn’t at the total. In the end it seemed like they didn’t care and just charged me for the meal. So that was kind of a pleasant surprise. I did tip them better than usual too.

It kind of made me think how in a business at times doing stuff like this that might not be by the book can make better sense in the long run to attract more returning customers too. Like here even though I don’t drink alcohol I wouldn’t be hesitant to tell people who do on how that place is really friendly and that they should try it. Sometimes policies should be used as guidelines as opposed to a rule that always make sense for everyone where it can work in everyone’s favor.

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