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Letting Elders Pay For Discounts

This was kind of interesting I thought as today as I saw an elderly couple who was being insistent that they pay for everything at both a restaurant and a store as because of their age they would be able to get about 10% off their bill as well as other free stuff. Of course that got into a conversation on how it wasn’t right as the younger people didn’t feel right about that.

I was just thinking how if it was like a situation where someone has like say a membership or special card that gave them discounts most people wouldn’t even debate about that as they would simply provide the person money to then pay for the bill. Just kind of interesting in terms of the moral and ethical conflicts we often have about ways like this on how we can save money when other people are more than willing to do it. Of course it is different if the discount guidelines specifically say it is supposed for that person only. It’s not uncommon where discounts like these are like employee discounts where you can usually buy things for others as well. Too weird for many people still I suppose?

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