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Less Pay or More Fulfillment

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When it comes to earning a living, I guess most of us at one time or another did something solely for the sake of money and when an opportunity presented itself where we were able to get into something that is exactly what we wanted except it would mean making les money, it sure creates an interesting dilemma.

I was talking to a person who was kind of in this exact scenario as he was definitely earning a lot of money in his business. Unfortunately, he kind of despises having to do it with all the stress and labor involved. As expected, when asked why he does it still he mentions that it pays the bills and that type of thing. When he had the opportunity to do something else which he really wanted to do, he kept pushing it away as the thought of taking such a drastic hit financially is one of those things that just seems dumb to do as it feels like it is better to hold off until you have the best of both world.

While I guess it is easy to say if you do what you love to do the money will come, which is what I personally believe and has been true, I definitely also think that what stage you are in life currently plays a big factor in it as well. Generally speaking though, I would normally opt for the route that provides more fulfillment. I suppose if you wanted to go with the safe route in doing something that pays way less that you should do something right now in terms of determining what can you sacrifice or change to adapt to the situation to see if I is feasible.

Example, some people say no more cable TV subscriptions which will save them a monthly cable bill and electricity to allow them to do what they love. As they become more financially successful, then they can re-introduce things like that in their life. The way I see it, money comes and goes while experiences stay with you forever. Sides that, being happy with what you do makes you richer not just financially but personally as well I’d say.

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