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Leaving Out Information Until Someone Asks

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I noticed this as a funny business strategy today where a person was trying to get a job that required some very specific type of requirements such as education. While the person did technically meet those requirements it’s not what you would imagine. For example, imagine someone applying for a engineer type of job where the employer wants applicants who have went through a specific school. So while that person did they actually went for something completely unrelated such as art.

In this person’s mind essential she was thinking if they don’t ask than don’t tell. I am not surprised as this is probably very common and is kind of the reasoning why some companies go through a thorough background check. Do you think that is right though when you are in a position trying to land some kind of job or contract?

People probably do it a lot when they are first starting out as usually during then people want anything to build up that resume. Kind of makes me wonder how like the employer feels about something like that afterwards if the person turned out really well. Would you be inclined to be stricter in the process or would it make you rethink as to what you should be looking for in people?

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