Leaving A Discount Card After A Purchase

Leaving A Discount Card After A Purchase

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Today I was given this card that said if I brought it to the store I could get 15% off my purchase. It was given to me as it was a place that sells outdoor equipment and the person bought some gifts there during the Christmas season. Because they have no use for it they thought I may be able to make use of it. It made me wonder if all businesses should be doing this where they pass out these cards after every purchase. Do you think it would generate more business this way like with this example of people telling others about it or would the discounts simply add up to be too much?

I would think that most clothing types of stores usually have high margins on its products where I think giving like a 10% to 15% discount probably wouldn’t hurt too much. The amount you get from advertising like here is very valuable in itself. The flip side is I know companies like Bed Bath And Beyond usually send out coupons to the point where people are trained not to shop until they get a deal. That would be the argument to not make it a regular thing.

Funny enough for online stores I have got in the habit at times to add things in the cart and then don’t complete the order as I find a ton of companies have automated systems in place to give you a discount as a result.

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