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Learning To Do Things Manually To Compare

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I saw this deal at Amazon for what is apparently a “sandwhich maker” that was on sale. It creates what would appear to be in many ways a Mcdonald’s egg Mcmuffin clone. This got my attention because I used to work at Mcdonalds as a teenager where I made Egg Mcmuffin’s all the time and for the most part it’s not very hard.


So I was thinking, is it really worth it to pay for an appliance like this where you not only have to pay for the machine but time wise you may not be saving much or any time at all? I was watching some videos of this and people were saying it takes about 5 minutes for the whole process. From personal experience in doing it manually, the whole process takes about two minutes or less. While granted you could say working at the restaurant has all these fancy equipment to make the process faster, for this there really isn’t much to it. A the same time, this makes me think on how many times we buy appliances to create stuff because we assume it is complicated without it.

To me this demonstrates the importance of actually trying to do things manually so that you clearly evaluate if it is worth your time and money to invest in all these fancy equipment. Like in this case, to me it makes no sense knowing how easy it is to make. Knowledge is power and a good money saver too.

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