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Learning Languages Really Slow If It Is Free

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I was thinking today with the new year’s coming up what could I potentially do that’s different? One thing that has been a never ending journey was trying to find a way to learn a new language such as Mandarin that would suit my schedule while being reasonable price wise. I wouldn’t want to go to a class where you pay hundreds of dollars only to then not really retain anything because you don’t use it as an example.

But I was thinking of an over the top way of potentially learning a language which made me wonder if learning things the insanely slow way would be a viable option if it was free. I once heard of a story where certain countries were sending spies to other places in order to gather intel and these people didn’t speak a word of the area’s native language. That seems kind of crazy when you think about it. But as the tale goes the way these people learned to speak the languages fluently was they literally just listened to things like the radio non-stop as well as just hearing the conversations in public places.

With this they were eventually able to learn like a child and associate various phrases with specific actions. So that made me wonder, if you were learning a language would you literally watch like say a TV show for an hour a day in your language of choice if that could result in you being able to fluently converse in it after the year is done? This definitely would be snail pace compared to learning at a school. But if it meant saving thousands of dollars a year would you actually do it and assuming you have no rush to learn it?

In some crazy ways I am almost thinking of trying it just to see if you can learn a language this way plus the money saved would be nice.

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