Learning How To Repair Stuff With Assistance
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Learning How To Repair Stuff With Assistance

I was reading recently how locally there are places opening up where they encourage people to bring in broken items to try and get it fixed with the help of a person who specializes in your specific category. This was a little different from just a repair shop as it gets the owner to be involved with the repair process. The concept seems to be that by teaching people how to fix the item they will more likely use these new found skills and knowledge to fix more things that break as opposed to just throwing them away.

Then I suppose ideally you would in the future give to others as you have received where this cycle of training people to by repairers will flourish. Essentially less waste over all too. That’s not a bad idea to become more dependent on yourself to be able to fix things when you can. It can save you a ton of money from having to buy new stuff or paying the crazy repair service fees that companies normally charge.

It’s almost like getting free school training as well. Even if you don’t have time to always fix things yourself it’s good to learn new skills as well. You never know as it could lead to new careers too.

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