Learning From Younger People

Learning From Younger People

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Funny situation I thought. Essentially there was a scenario where there were these two people talking about the business of video creation where one person has been working for a longtime and the other was pretty new. However, the new person was more into online mediums as opposed to traditional offline methods. Then came a conversation about marketing and how each person went out to get customers. The offline person relied more on word of mouth referral whereas the online person focused on social media. For the most part I guess you could say they could learn from each other.

However, the older person was telling the other on how he felt the other was just too young and that he couldn’t really follow his advice because of his age. Yes, crazy huh? When asked to clarify essentially all he really said was that he has lived longer and thus has a more proven track record which means his way is obviously the better way. Wasn’t much to talk about as you can tell.

I personally don’t see why say an older person in any industry would in some way feel threatened if say a young person came in with good ideas that you could implement for your business as well. It’s like an ego fight that should have been left back in high school or something I think. If anything, consider it potentially as a good way to keep in touch with what people are talking about regardless of which fence you are looking from.

Heck, even little kids can teach you a lot in terms of imagination and thinking outside of the box I say.

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