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Learning About Free Services Like Let’s Encrypt From Continuous Learning

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Today I decided to attend this event where people talked about the platform WordPress which I happen to use for this blog. From what I gathered it was meant more for beginners but I figured I may learn something new. Many times people scoff at going to event like these as they think they won’t learn anything but I am often surprise on the little extra things you can learn at times.

There was a part that talked about securing your website where nowadays it can be a good idea to get an TLS/SSL which is usually that little lock that you see on the web address to show that the connection is secure. People usually only reserve this for e-commerce sites but it was suggested that it can be good for regular sites as well. While that normally costs money the big thing I learned was a bout a site called Let’s Encrypt that can give you that for free.

So in the end I did lean something useful. That just goes to show that you should try and stay open minded about going to events like these as you can always learn something new. If anything just consider it as you got a head start.

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