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Learning A Second Language For Free

I stumbled upon something interesting today as I was first hearing how there was a sale for one of those Rosetta Stone software where it normally costs over $500. There was a sale where places were selling it for about $300 which makes it a pretty big saving. This then generated a lot of responses on how many people thought it was expensive period as there were free alternatives out there that were just as good they say.

One of the sites that was mentioned was called where it seems like the concept is to have people learn a language by essentially trying to translate foreign phrases. I never tried it myself, since there wasn’t any languages that I was interested in learning on the site at the moment it seems, so I can’t exactly vouch for it personally. However, just the concept of it sounded interesting and in many ways it does make sense where when it comes to learning a second language there probably are so many ways like this to learn it for free.

The power of user generated content and the accessibility of the Internet I guess you can say. So if you need to save money this seems like a neat little idea to try out.

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