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The More You Learn The More You Want To Spend

In preparation for doing some vlogging for various events I research fairly diligently about the resources I need. In many ways, it has almost been like going to school again. Just when you think you have everything figured out you then learn about all these other details that will make the end result better. Example, something as simple as a light bulb I first thought you just need to worry about the type of light to use as well as the wattage. However, after doing more research apparently things like a CRI are important too.

At times like this it is better to have an expert consultant with you to save time. Then again, since this is all more for a side volunteer gig I may as well take the time and educate myself about it. I’m glad I didn’t just impulse buy everything before doing research too as for some stuff paying a little more will definitely yield greater results. Just goes to show that shopping for anything requires quite a bit of time and effort if you want to be an informed shopper.

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