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Late Night Deals For Next Day

Today I saw a couple of advertisements from these restaurants as I passed by where they were advertising these food deals they had after 11:50pm at night. What a late time I thought as they must be targeting people that are say attending a concert or some kind of event. Out of curiosity I was then researching more at how many companies do this.

While doing this I noticed people who were saying they took advantage of these deals where they buy it at late night just to refrigerate it for the next day, The prices are like 30% cheaper it seems compared to if you bought it at a regular lunch or dinner time. I am inclined to say restaurant prices are expensive as it is where if you were looking to save money then a grocery store and making the item yourself would still be cheaper.

Either way, I guess if you are really not in the mood to make your own stuff then that is kind of an interesting way to save money. Very inconvenient though I must say.

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