Last Minute School Shopping For Big Items
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Last Minute School Shopping For Big Items

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Today I got a phone call as someone needed help to buy a laptop and therefore they needed some opinions. I thought it was interesting to try and buy one right now as school was starting soon and at the same time this kind of forces them to buy anything just to have one. So in that sense they don’t really get the chance to buy something at the best optimal value.

It’s interesting too as I have seen so many companies have their clearance sales just a few weeks ago where the deals seems a lot better. I guess that just shows as well how shopping not just at the last moment can save you a lot of money while giving you more options. In some cases I would say a good option would be to see if you could borrow an item from someone and then buying your own when a good deals comes along. I know for things like laptops it’s not uncommon for people to have older models just sitting around.

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