Knowing When Template Business Tactics Are Being Used On You

Knowing When Template Business Tactics Are Being Used On You

This was a little odd as I was approached by a person who wanted me to work on a project with them. He had this professional introduction and all where I suppose for most people it would give you a good impression. At this day and age though, the information that is out there can add a huge obstacle to this old way of relationship building in business I thought.

In this case, I decided to research about the person as much as possible online. As it turned out, through my research I was reading how he teaches people how to pitch others with scripts and all. For me anyways, this turned me off knowing that his approach is basically a template of sort where odds are he is just playing the numbers and seeing who/what sticks.

Would you not have this mentality to research people online nowadays whenever you get approached by someone who you don’t know too well? I know I do. Heck, people even do this for non-business related scenarios such as people researching about their dates. At this day in age, if you are saying you want to build a genuine business relationship with another then it is even more important to be real as they say.

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