Kissing Frogs

Kissing Frogs

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Not literally of course. This was part of the conversation I had with the person I wrote about yesterday in regards to his philosophy in business. Since he usually establishes a business with other people, that means he has to find the right people that he can trust to work with. Surprisingly, he takes a more laid back approach where if someone or himself had the right idea and funding, he would simply dive into it and see what happens from there.

While even he says that finding the right partners or people to work with can be a very tricky thing, he sees it with that kissing frogs analogy and that sometimes you have to go through a couple in order to find that one that will turn into something special. I’m sure like most people you have heard this phrase used before for other situations, but this was the first time I heard anyone use it when it came to business. I’m more used to hearing the seashell saying on how a lot of times you will have to open up a lot of shells just to find that one pearl.

One thing that I thought was kind of funny is when I reflect back to certain people whom I’ve worked with. People with a bad history in terms of their work ethic and integrity won’t magically change just because they say it will and that not doing things differently will create the same results. For example, there were people I knew before who had a history in regards to saying one thing but doing the other such as promising to work off a debt but never did. Down the road, they asked for help again. Since I knew them personally, being naïve I took their word for it that they have change. As you may have guessed, they didn’t change and I ended up hurting myself. So when I think of this kissing frog analogy, I can imagine that situation like me kissing the same frogs over and over again thinking that they will magically change still. Like they say, live and learn.

I guess many times it is a numbers game and to keep in mind that doing things the same will yield the same results.

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