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Keeping Tabs Of The Monetary Value of Free Stuff For Motivation

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I have often heard that for many people when it comes to paying off debt finding those little successes can be key to making sure you get and stay out of debt. One of the popular examples is paying off the smaller bills that you can in full first even if it doesn’t make sense from a numbers point of view such as having to pay higher interest rates on larger ones. Because like there the confidence and motivation to continually do better can be just as important.

So this was interesting to me as today I saw a person who constantly kept track of everything that he got for free while making sure t note how much free money he essentially got. For example, if an event was free with a $20 value he would mark that down for his own records. Apparently for him this encourages him continually find deals while making him more self-conscious about over spending for things that he could potentially get for free.

I can see this working in many ways for people. While I don’t keep track of items like these in that way I definitely always have that in mind where I factor in items that I have been able to get for free to make me wonder if whatever it is I am thinking of spending money on is worth it. The more ways you can use to motivate yourself to have good financial habits the better in many ways.

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