Keeping Deals For Yourself Or Spreading It
Financial Management

Keeping Deals For Yourself Or Spreading It

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Today while walking through the supermarket I saw some almonds that was tagged as about $11 for 1kg. That wasn’t too bad of a price where at the same time I have seen it cheaper. I decided to buy one pack though. When I went to checkout the item it actually came out cheaper than expected. Afterwards I started to tell people that I know about it.

This did make me think though where many would say when you find great deals like these you should keep it to yourself. But is that really the best thing to do? I usually try and tell people that I know who would be interested in it. If you think about it even from a financial point of view it’s always better to have more eyes out there looking for deals. By creating a community of money savers this way you can often find more deals as a result.

Unless you are a business that buys everything always to resell that can be different. But for personal every day spending it’s good to share the wealth as they say.

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