Justifying Your Expenses To The Public In Different Ways

Justifying Your Expenses To The Public In Different Ways

This was interesting as I recently saw this group that a person started where it seemed like he wanted to hold a seminar of sorts. Since it was new he labelled is event as a meet and greet where he would charge each person $20. That actually created a stir with quite a few people because they thought that was expensive. That made people inquire what that fee was for and one of his answer was for food. The remarks afterwards was sarcastic where some people even said they better be serving beer for that price.

He then tried to further justify the price by saying it was for the guest speakers as well. However, people still thought it was a rip off of sort solely for the point that he mentioned it was for food which people then insisted to not having to pay for that as they wouldn’t want any. Eventually what happened was he was saying how the fee was actually more of a way to sort out serious people who are willing to invest in their future per se for things like having quality speakers. Funny enough, just by saying that many people then agreed with the cost.

It was kind of amazing I thought on how the type of label and description one uses to explain about fees could be the major difference between getting a lot of support or backlash. Technically it should be the same for people who didn’t agree with it. But I guess like here when you explain it in a different way it can have a vastly different psychological effect on people.

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