Justify Rip-off Prices Because of The Past

Justify Rip-off Prices Because of The Past

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I recently read a comment from a person who was well known in a particular industry where she was expressing that people of today have no idea how much better things are nowadays with all of the digital options available to send and transfer files. Back in her day in order to deliver people such as photos one would have to spend money to physically print them out and then had deliver it to the recipient. Because of that, in her view people shouldn’t complain about having to pay $10 a month to literally host like three digital photos.

To me that is such a flawed way of thinking. Who in the right mind would think it is a good value to pay someone $10 a month to literally host one jpeg file? You can even host them for free on social media sites. But she was essentially in an industry where people are compliant as to what the providers charge and so they try and justify it by comparing it to the past. As well, I think the worst part of it is how she is essentially trying to shame people who are calling it as it is where providers are simply over charging people.

Just because you had it harder, so to speak, back in your days doesn’t mean people in the present should have to base value on that factor. Otherwise it’s like saying people should never complain about things like gas prices or grocery bills because back in the day people had to walk and hunt for their own food. In my opinion, you should embrace people who call out companies that grossly overcharge people for basic services.

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