Just Showing Up As You Never Know Mentality
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Just Showing Up As You Never Know Mentality

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There was something funny that happened today where there was a fun real life game that had a timer of sorts where random people had about 15 minutes left to meet at a spot in order to accomplish a task for points. Of course there were spots scattered everywhere with no guarantee that everyone will be at the same place. While people normally ignore the low timer spots as a result in this case two people showed up and stayed even though it didn’t look good. As the timer went down a few more people arrived where ultimately they had enough to finish the task.

The funny thing was one person’s comment where he was expressing how he was going to originally ignore the spot because like everyone else he would assume it was pointless. However, he then stated how he figured there would be people as daring as he was as well so he took the risk. Of course it worked out at the end.

Kind of makes me think how even for things like creating a business that many times it’s just about showing up as many people won’t even do that as they feel the odds are too low. It’s kind of like the saying I feel on how you can end up losing more by not trying. Asses the risks of course but even the simple act of showing up when it looks tough is something that needs to be practiced.

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