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Just Showing A Big Number

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Today I was looking at a company that was gloating that they were growing so big as apparently they acquired thousand of members in a short amount of time. I was then talking to another person about this as we were curious how legitimate it was. While the people themselves seemed real, the thing was a large portion of these “members” were simply inactive such as signing up just as a trial to see what they were like. Regardless of that, the business is definitely milking it for all it is worth.

What can you say? It’s almost like using sex appeal where it helps to sell regardless of how obvious the marketing tactics are. I suppose quantities does matter in these cases. While like in the above example people in the know will probably rip that number apart to show how it’s not as significant as they would like you to believe, at the end of the day it is an effective marketing tool with the majority of onlookers.

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