Just Relying On One Sale For The Whole Month

Just Relying On One Sale For The Whole Month

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Generally speaking, for most companies that sell some kind of service it’s common to see that in the beginning stages people often price their services either the same or lower than its competitors to attract business. As one gets busier they often take less clients but charge more for their services. So it was interesting hearing a story of a person who grew so much that eventually they only agree to work with clients who were willing to contract him for about $5000 or more. He even says he pretty much just works one project a month which is good enough for him financially.

That’s kind of cool but scary huh? Simply relying on getting one customer that pretty much makes or breaks your monthly financials. At the same time I suppose it can be great if you are in that position as you don’t exactly need to worry about handling too much work or needing to constantly go out and find business. It almost reminds me of people who rely in closing high ticket sales. But even then I don’t think people usually just stop at one as they keep going as much as they can.

Imagine doing this for a supermarket of sort where all you do is sell outrageous stuff such as those square shaped watermelons for a high premium and that is pretty much your daily income sales needed. I don’t think many people would take the risk in something like that as well. Would you ever start super big like that right from the beginning?

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