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Just Needing Visual References At Times

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Imagine seeing two people debating about what direction a business should go with while constantly arguing with each other about finances. For example, one person arguing that the business can be more profitable going in a certain direction but the executive refuses to do so despite the actual numbers. And what apparently changed the person’s mind? Instead of using numbers to explain why something was good the person then used visual charts to emphasize growth. As silly as it sounds, that was good enough to get the project going.

This is one of those things that seem so silly but in reality it’s just what it takes to get people to think constructively. Personal finance can be the same I think where a pile of bills and numbers probably won’t have as much effect on most as opposed to seeing like a graph of how much money they are losing or making. I guess the takeaway is visual tools like say infographics can sure save you a lot of time, which ultimately means money, in trying to explain things to people.

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