Just Creating Crappy Stuff At First
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Just Creating Crappy Stuff At First

It’s very true where many times when it comes to starting some kind of venture the main problem people have is getting started. People assume that everything needs to be perfect where so much thought and planning goes into it to the point where people get stuck into a phase of planning as opposed to execution. So it’s interesting to see how so many people in various industries seem to be creating fun competitions where the goal is to create the worst work possible and the crappiest work wins.

Obviously things like these are supposed to be lighthearted but the important thing is that it gets people to actually do something with their ideas. From there you can often learn so much such as whether or not the things you thought you wanted to do and the way to approach it could be completely different than what you expected. It seems counter intuitive though huh? You would think releasing bad stuff will tarnish your reputation forever.

But I think the key difference is if you are creating your invention or whatever it may be as something you value as opposed to acting as if people are dumb if they don’t immediately buy into your offering then it’s almost no different than painting pictures as an expression where afterwards you may find a market for it. But like the key there is to keep painting. Even if it is amateurish, so to speak. You need to start waking before you can run. I guess with the above examples like these making it fun with others can be a good way to get you to actually start doing it.

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