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Just Buying The Prize Item Instead

I was talking to a person today who appeared to have won a few stuffed animals as result of playing these games. These are basically carnival games where you often have to pay $5 or more to try and win a prize. There was this one game where it didn’t sound too hard but you had to essentially play X amount of times to actually win anything good. The cost to do this was about $30 it seems. I was looking at the stuffed animal that was won and I know for a fact you could buy it for like $7 at a retail store.

It does sound kind of silly if you were playing it just for the prize in that sense huh? This can apply to other things too such as people buying a lot of cereal to simply get a toy or candy that comes inside the box. I guess sometimes we just assume that prizes from places like these are exclusive to these game vendors only when many times that isn’t the case. They bought it from somewhere too and if you look hard enough you can easily get it for cheap as well.

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