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Judging Your Product or Service Based On Small Parts

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Today I was talking to a person who reviewed various products for a living. Now the assumption is when you do a review you have to thoroughly go through the product so that you can then summarize it for potential buyers. The funny thing was that he openly said that is not the case as most of the time he only uses it for a little while and then makes a review out of that. In many cases it is more like a first impression rather than a full evaluation.

I was thinking about it too and in some ways it is almost like reviewing a movie based simply on the trailer. Almost makes you wonder where if you are submitting your item for a critic to review on whether or not you should simply give them a specific version as like in this case they aren’t going to truly go through the product anyways to base their opinion off of. Reasons like this is usually why sometimes I am a little weary of simply taking say a review magazine’s word for it as like the final say on whether or not something is good or bad.

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