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Job Seekers Getting Scammed For Free Business Advertisement

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I have always heard of how many times there are fake job postings where the person advertising for the job is illegitimate as their sole purpose is to simply collect resumes and information which they then sell to like a telemarketer. Nowadays, it seems like people have evolved a bit by putting fake job postings where they ask that the applicants must endorse their companies through their social media sites in order to be considered for the position. I tried to look for one too see how common it is on like Craigslist and this was a typical example I saw:

Scam job posting

As you can see here, this organization is asking people to Like their Facebook page in order to see the apparent job details and as well to even be considered. As you can imagine, essentially they are trying to make their page look as if a ton of people are supporting them. Sadly, it actually works on a lot of people and in this case they have been getting a lot of people to do it. In the past I have even seen advertisements where employers say that in order to be considered for a position you need to first share their company pages through your social media accounts and you must have X number of friends/followers.

This may sound really silly, but it obviously works for people to do it huh? In many ways it is no different than say a money making scheme that targets people who are desperate and gullible to find a get rich quick opportunity. While of course that doesn’t rule out the possibility like a company may be doing some kind of recruiting, you wouldn’t work for free usually and so it makes no sense to start promoting a business until you are on the payroll, so to speak.

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