Japanese Hornets Against 30,000 Plus Bees
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Japanese Hornets Against 30,000 Plus Bees

This video I just saw was simply amazing. It was basically about how people in Japan import European bees as they produce more honey and that since it is not the bees natural habitat, they are unable to defend themselves effectively against Japanese hornets. It stated on how it only takes a group of hornets about three hours to kill 30,000 bees and they showed real footage on how they do so. The thing that was really intriguing was how they showed that native Japanese bees have developed their own way to fend off the giant hornets by working as team. Have a look at the footage yourself first:

That is some pretty incredible stuff I must say. If you ever needed an example on how you can achieve a lot through teamwork, I guess this is no exception. I’m glad that I don’t see hornets like those here.

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