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Items You Have Because People Tell You They Are Worth A Lot

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Today while organizing some of my belongings I noticed how I have items that were given to me one time or another which I never use and was told that it was worth a lot and that I should store it away somewhere safe. One example of this is this Rolex watch that was given to me way back as a graduation gift. This is what the box looks like:

And this is the inside of the box and the watch itself:

While in a general sense I know that a Rolex watch is suppose to be expensive, personally my knowledge on the product is almost non existent and I don’t even know the real dollar value of it and it is just one of those things that you keep based on what others tell you. To me, it’s just a watch and I guess since it is suppose to be worth a lot of money that I shouldn’t just wear it out in the public. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having one?

The funny thing is though that I know many times where I would say the same thing to others when it comes to having something that is worth a lot but similarly they have no real knowledge of it and so it is just an ordinary item to them that they would get rid of at a price well below its real value. It makes you wonder how many times this may have happened to yourself without really knowing. I guess in these cases it helps in having a large network of friends and associates who specialize in different fields and industries. Like they say, if you don’t know ask before you do anything.

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