It Must Be Fun For You

It Must Be Fun For You

I was watching all these interviews today of people who went through a huge phase in their life where they trained to do a business or profession in a field simply because it sounded financially rewarding. As well, everyone in their life gave them social pressure to do things that would be socially recognized as a successful person. In some cases, even after two years of studying a field the person decided that it wasn’t the lifestyle they wanted an so they immediately went into a different direction.

I noticed one common word that everyone used and that was they wanted to have fun with what they do otherwise it wouldn’t work in the long-term. I tend to agree with that whereas we are usually taught to think otherwise in many ways. For example, for a lot of work related responsibilities in our lives we are often taught to suck it up even if we hate it as you do what you have to do to make a living. In many ways that is true such as even though a person may want to be lazy and stay in bed you have to get up and do something.

I personally feel we often mix up the notion of doing something you love and enjoy versus the effort side of the coin where many times we have to sacrifice and do things to reach our goals. A big difference. That has definitely been true for me I say where whenever I did things for fun and it didn’t feel like work things just came and blossomed. So have fun.

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