Is Misspelling Your Name A Networking Killer?

Is Misspelling Your Name A Networking Killer?

It’s not unusual to get a ton of unsolicited e-mails from time to time with common ones being companies who want you to promote their products in some form. I noticed many times a lot of these people are actually from foreign countries where English is clearly not their first language. That usually isn’t too big of a deal unless they try and make it sound like they are a fortune 500 company. You can’t help but to be skeptical in those cases as you would assume they would have the budget to hire a fluent English speaker.

But what got me thinking which happens often is how despite your name being on the e-mail they receive some people end up misspelling it still. I was thinking how for myself that kind of shows they don’t really care as it makes it feel more like they are following a cold calling sale template of sort. Making sure I spell the person’s name right in these cases is usually one detail I would always try and get right. I often copy and paste it to make sure I don’t mistype.

It’s just kind of funny how I am willing to overlook the language barrier but with that detail it’s almost the equivalent of a company misspelling your brand name on the final published product. Would you usually be very critical of this as well or is it simply no big deal?

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