Irony of Success Through Hate

Irony of Success Through Hate

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Seems like on the news there has been a lot of talk about this music video online where it would appear that the majority of people dislike with a passion. Essentially, so many people dislike it so much that they actually go out of their way to tell people about it and some even creating parodies of the song. While normally that should be the demise for many, all this publicity has essentially made the person famous.

You can tell that the company that is responsible for making it too is trying to milk it for all its worth in the meantime. While watching the interviews, I was just thinking how this was an example how you usually either want people to really like you or hate you if you are trying to generate an audience to get results . If they simply don’t care that is when one will fade.

I am actually intrigued to see what kind of tactics the company tries next to capitalize on all the hate in order to grow their business even further.

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