Investing The Time For Every Potential Customer

Investing The Time For Every Potential Customer

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I had an interesting scenario today where I went to various stores as I wanted to find a place where I could direct people to purchase various items and of course I want to help people find the best deals. So for this one store I saw a great deal and as a result I wanted to verify if the deal was on as well as them having stock. For some reason the system recognized the promotion but it would always crash the computer when the staff tried to scan the deal. Initially people thought it was an online offer only.

Afterwards the person mentioned how all they would need is the bundle sku for the offer where they can then manually enter the order. However, the person didn’t know this off hand. Instead of trying to search for it she was mentioning how it would probably take too long to find it. So, I simply had to cross this place off my list of recommendations. I was thinking too they probably lost thousands of dollars in sales because of this.

This is one of the scenarios where I would say it’s wise to take the time necessary to help each customer because as a business you never know how much revenue that one person can bring to you. I was even taught before that you shouldn’t ever stereotype who the “big” spender is going to be for you to invest your time with as you never know how that person will look. Therefore, you need to simply treat everyone with equal importance or it will simply be an opportunity that will go to someone else.

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