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Investing Money In Giving Away A Product Versus Advertising It

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While at the mall today I saw this display which caught my interest as there were a lot of trees of sort. So I naturally snooped by to see what was going on. Apparently it was a company promoting its almond milk products where they were giving people free samples. The interesting thing was how they were giving away coupons where you could literally walk into a supermarket and get a free 1 to 2 litre almond milk drink for free. That is at least a $2 to $4 savings on average.

I was skeptical of course and wondering what the catch was. Aside from the expiry date of the coupon, which wasn’t until like July of this year, basically there was none. I was then thinking business wise it seemed like the company essentially decided to spend its advertising dollars not on say expensive TV commercials but rather it wanted people to being the products home to try.

That can be more effective in many ways when you think about it. This way people are literally trying it and where it really does come down to the quality of your product. I don’t think I ever seen a promotion like this though where people could walk out with like 2L of milk for free at a supermarket.

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