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Investing Around The Idea And Leadership or Revenue

Today I was reading about venture capitalism in general and the different approaches that some people take when it comes to funding a business or organization. The one interesting point I thought was that the ones who were most successful were the people that focused more in investing into companies they felt had a good idea and leadership as oppose to people who were so caught up in simply the numbers.

I suppose in many ways that does make sense right? It must be a lot harder too though to invest in things mostly based on if you think it will be good later as the risk is extremely high as opposed to someone that already has a good revenue flow. Then again, I guess that explains why those people are more successful in many ways financially as it’s kind of like the saying of more risk more reward. At the same time, if you are basing it on a person’s track record or leadership background then one could argue the risk should be less.

In many ways I suppose it is similar to shows like Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank where every investor seems to have a different philosophy whee it comes to investing. I would say when it comes to getting funding on the Internet with places like Kickstarter it feels like it is more a people’s platform where it seems like it’s all about the idea and the people behind it. I feel that is how it should be and we need more things like that.

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