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Internet And Walk In Price Differences

It’s interesting as today I was doing some basic price comparison on some services with the intent that I would also book the service online. What caught my attention were the review sites where previous customers were talking about their experiences with it. Some people had comments such as the price they paid and how it compared to other businesses. There was a huge discrepancy when it came to the prices such as customers saying they paid about $60 for a service whereas on the company’s official site the prices were well over $100.

Essentially, it seemed like the company was banking on the convenience factor where people won’t care as much about the price when ordering for a service online. For myself, it is kind of the opposite as I usually scour the Internet to try and find the best prices. Sure enough, if you actually walk into the business you are presented with different rate plans. It’s almost as confusing as a cell phone plan where it seems like depending where or who you are getting a quote from there are so many different prices. Usually the ones on the company sites are more expensive too compared to deals to can get from actually talking to a person.

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