Instant Discounts For Delayed Online Shopping Cart Checkout
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Instant Discounts For Delayed Online Shopping Cart Checkout

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Today I was potentially interested in buying these sunglasses from an online store where it seems to have everything that I needed. The price was right in many ways and so I added it to the shopping cart as it’s a habit to want to see what the final checkout price would be. After seeing that they charged for shipping it discouraged me from going through with it and made me wonder if any stores would sell it.

Then about two hours later I get this message saying that if I complete my order I can get 15% off. Interestingly enough a ton of online stores do this where the system automatically gives people discounts in hopes that they will go through with an order. It’s almost like the modern age way of telling the merchant that you want a deal before making a purchase.

Why would you not try this actually if you are in no immediate rush to buy the item? I even heard on some sites like Amazon with its wish lists too you actually have a chance to get things for free. Maybe that’s training to put things in your cart and to wait and see if a deal comes.

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