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Innovating or Simply Making Things Bigger

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While looking at all the CES 2018 news reports today one thing I was thinking about were all the TV’s that were shown from various companies. At one point I was thinking how big of a TV do people really need for their homes? Especially with the one announced by Samsung that is supposed to be a 146 inch screen.

It makes me think how at times just focusing on making things bigger probably leaves a lot of room for the smaller guy to be creative and to not compete in that exact way. For example, maybe it’s focusing more on different features such as different ways to do picture and picture. Kind of like a restaurant it at times surprises me when a smaller business just tries to give more. I would imagine that can often be harder since you don’t usually have the purchasing power of the larger companies to keep cost down. Like there I would think crating unique items would be wiser.

If you are doing the bigger thing in an extremely over the top way then I can see. Kind of like those people that just try and create the biggest burger type of thing. But in a normal scenario I would think it’s better to try and be different in an innovative way. Still trying to imagine the average person having a 146 inch screen……

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