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Increasing Wage For Basic But High Demand Jobs

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Currently with the COVID 19 pandemic one particular type of business that is constantly busy as if it is Black Friday everyday are grocery stores. As you can imagine in these cases they need tons of people physically at stores while working longer hours due to the situation. While most people would often look down at these types of work as low skill which deserves low pay it’s interesting how various places in the US actually consider grocery store workers as emergency workers now.

This classification essentially gives them the same benefits as emergency workers like a doctor. But another interesting thing is how a lot of companies announced they are increasing pay for all workers in these categories recognizing the extra labor and stress that is involved with this. That’s a great thing I thought as a company could technically juts keep things the way they are and tell people that they can simply earn more by working overtime during these times.

It at least shows a certain level of care where people aren’t merely numbers in a corporation but real people as you try and take care them. To me it just seems like the right thing to do as well.

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