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Inconvenient Product Recalls

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What surprising news this was as I read an item I bought recently as a result of building a computer has a global defect where certain features are rendered useless. Therefore, the company was offering full refunds. The other interesting thing was I didn’t even notice this as I never even used that particular feature. Even the company tried to express hoe if it doesn’t bother you then you don’t need to do a thing.

Of course, what clicked to my mind is that even though I didn’t use the feature in question I still essentially paid for it and may have to use it in the future. So value wise I would want it replaced. At the same time this literally means that I would have to take the system apart and try to find a replacement which can be a lot of downtime.

The good thing is that according to the message I got you are given 90 days or so to decide if you want a full refund which gives me ample time to make a decision. The manufacturer must be getting a ton of bad press for this one.

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