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Inauthentic Small Talk Leading To The Business Favor Requests

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It’s not uncommon in a business environment that many of the relationships that you may encounter throughout your journey will simply be a means for the other to potentially have a use for you in some way. Therefore, many people simply connect with as many people as possible where if they feel you can offer something of value to them then that is when they will pop up. For the most part that is an accepted part of the whole process if you want to call it that.

So it was funny reading a story when such a person people popped out of nowhere by initiating some kind of small talk as if they actually had an interest in other person’s life events. In these specific cases you can often tell that they simply wanted something from them. It’s almost like the stereotypical scenarios you would see in a movie where the person would be like “Oh hey buddy… great to see you” just to immediately follow it up with “Say, can you do this for me” sort of routine.

I was thinking, in cases like these would you rather have people just straight out say what they want from you or would you feel it’s better to have the small talk to be polite in a sense? I was thinking personally if the individual just wants something purely from a business standpoint then it’s better to just ask where my whole mindset will be purely business well. I just find when a person in a sense pretends to care about anything else other than that end goal to get what they need makes me personally more inclined to distrust the whole situation in general.

Granted there are situations where this may happen genuinely such as a person being extremely nervous to speak with you for the fear of being rejected. But in the case where the person is fully confident and all I think it is better to just straight out ask. Otherwise in many ways it can be a little deceptive where the small talk in a way is kind of like asking the person to make a decision as well partly because you know each other personally in a very good way.

I know for myself anyways whenever I ask people personally about things like their life events then that means I genuinely was interested in learning. Just trying to imagine myself asking people when in reality I don’t really care just seems too weird. There is just too much consistency in one’s actions other than that one conversation to show how genuine it was as an example. Relationships are an important thing too where I would imagine you want to treat them the way you would want to be treated as well to maintain it.

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