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Improvising A Sale To Capture An Audience

Pokemon go mcdonalds discount

This was an interesting sign I saw on my way to the mall. As you all may know that Pokemon Go is drawing huge crowds in selected areas based on the game’s setup. So it would appear that that in the mall the Mcdonalds restaurant decided to try and attract this crowd by offering discounts for its meals to players. As you can see you can receive up to 50% off if you show that you are level 30 in the game.

I would have to imagine that the owner of the franchise or say a manger just decided to throw this out there as it seems like a lot of sales opportunity for them that they are missing. The crowd is close by but not close enough. It made me think how at times people spend so much time and money brainstorming ideas to capture an audience whereas in this case it seemed more like a just try something and see if it works. Sometimes that is just what you have to do. Imagine if that crowd is no longer there in a few weeks after a group of people in a boardroom came up with a brilliant idea. Although, I don’t think they realize how hard a “Level 30” is in that game.

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