Implied Bundle Deal Savings That Are Just Bad
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Implied Bundle Deal Savings That Are Just Bad

This was so surprising where for Cyber Monday one store had a deal where if you buy a specific printer you would get a laptop for free. Yes, you heard me right. Usually it’s the other way around where if you buy a laptop you get the printer for free. It seem like a very good laptop either. But in any case, the company advertises this deal that you are saving about $429 with this deal as you can see. This was literally the laptop they were giving away for free:


Sounds pretty good right? With a simple search though, you can see that this same printer is on sale at another store for $199.99. They imply you are saving about $300. No laptop of course. But for that amount of money you can get a much better one. Or if you think about it, price wise it’s almost like they just put two regular priced stuff together where there isn’t really a bundled savings to cheer about. It just gets you to buy more stuff.


Just a another example on why you need to educate yourself on the value of various items that you buy as opposed to relying on the businesses to tell you what a good deal is. You would definitely have buyer’s remorse if you bought that bundle thinking it was so great just to see this after.

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