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Immediately Copying A Successful Idea

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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. At least when it comes to things like art that can often be a huge compliment of sorts. But when it comes to business ideas you can often get criticized and frowned upon for essentially copying someone else’s idea and business model. So that usually results in people wanting to avoid in just duplicating what is obviously working for another. But recently I was watching these two competing networks who are in the same field.

One of them seemed to have a great idea where a key reason for it was because they were the only one doing anything like it. With that in mind the competing network had no shame or reservation it seemed to just copy the idea into their own format. For the most part it seems to be working for them too. Did the general public care? It wouldn’t seem like it. So it makes you wonder, in business would you have no reservations about copying ideas?

I would imagine ethically people would say it’s wrong. But on the other hand many would view it as silly not to take advantage of something like that. Many would argue too that everyone copied someone where even with mechanical items there are only so many ways to operate things. Would you copy other people’s ideas as soon as possible if it meant some kind of fast beneficial gain?

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