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If You Were Within Walking Distance of Everything

I was listening to this bit today on how there was a person trying to find ways to cut her monthly bills down. For the most part it seemed like she had a pretty decent budget with most of the expenses being necessities. However, at the end of the day it seemed like she still had very few funds left after all the bills were paid.

The interesting thing from my observation was how because of all the life options and convenience it seems like she tied herself financially as a result. For example, because she has a vehicle then the mentality is that even if it is an hour commute to get to work the vehicle enables her to do that. So while the vehicle expense is considered a necessity it makes you wonder how much one could save if you try and revolve your life with what is local.

It’s almost the same thing with housing as I know a lot of people first focus on what is say the cheapest option in terms of the price to buy the place as opposed to how convenient it is for them to do things like shopping for groceries. I think the time it takes you to travel to places is just as big of a factor in terms of maintaining a stable budget. That extra time could mean you can use it to generate more income too as an example.

Even as a kid one of the best ways to save and make money was to take advantage of the opportunities that were within your walking range. While granted as an adult many times you can’t be as flexible in that sense, it’s something that we should put more attention to I feel especially if you are constantly tight on money.

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